The House Energy and Commerce Committee has approved legislation by Rep. Howard Nielson, R-Utah, to limit the hours telemarketing firms can call residential homes, the congressman said Friday.

"Telemarketing is becoming a very popular way of doing business because it is convenient for both buyers and sellers," Nielson said. "But, as the popularity grows, so do the abuses."If approved by the House and Senate, the measure sponsored by Nielson would require the Federal Communications Commission to establish rules governing telephone solicitors, he said.

"The FTC would look into the problem of late night and early morning calls, as well as telemarketing fraud and other abuses," Nielson said. "It would have six months to devise the rules."

Many Utahns, he said, have indicated "they are anxious to curb calls from telephone solicitors."

"Anyone who has ever been awakened in the night to receive an unsolicited phone call from a person or a machine trying to sell them something has probably felt a lot of frustration. It is clear to me that Utahns are interested in stopping the problem with these annoying calls."