May 29 represents a milestone for Clara D. Lane, of Salt Lake City. She joins the centenarian club.

Born in Shropshire, England, in 1888, Lane remembers the exact date she left the British Isles with her husband and son to immigrate to the United States. It was March 7, 1912, she says unequivocally. She adds that the three of them arrived in Salt Lake City on March 22, where they have lived since.Lane will be joined Sunday by her son, Cecil, and granddaughter for a quiet party in the care center where she now lives. But she said she doesn't want anything for her birthday.

She said her happiest memories are those involving her husband, son and brothers, who also lived in Salt Lake City.

Cecil Lane describes his mother as good at both cooking and housekeeping. She always kept the clothes clean and had food on the table, he said.

Two of Lane's homemade specialties were chicken and dumplings and Yorkshire pudding. Lane also baked her own bread in a coal stove.

Lane said, "Young people these days crave for too much." When she was young and would ask for different things, her mother would say, "Your wants are many, but your needs are few." Lane said people today don't need much either.

Besides cooking, Lane has enjoyed sports, particularly baseball. And for many years, she and her husband traveled to California to see horse races near Los Angeles.

Lying in her bed, Lane recalls one of her favorite pastimes - bridge. "And of course I liked to play cards. I don't know as I was good, but I liked it." Her son said Lane won several hand-decorated plates for her bridge playing.

Lane has lived in a care center for six years, by her choice, her son said.