Despite the potential economic benefit, Millard County residents aren't too enthusiastic about the possibility of a hazardous waste disposal facility being located in the county.

Rollins Environmental Services is investigating the possibility of locating a hazardous waste incinerator and landfill in the county. It currently treats and disposes of hazardous waste in New Jersey, Louisiana and Texas.A Rollins engineer, George Barton, told citizens that the firm is committed to safety and health in its operations and currently has 40 percent to 50 percent of the nation's hazardous waste business.

Barton projected the company would employ between 80 and 150 people, 95 percent of whom would be hired locally. And it would generate an annual payroll of $5 million to $6 million and annual property taxes to the county of $250,000. More than $30 million would be spent in capital costs.

Officials are considering three sites in the county.

Residents have voiced such concerns as adverse affects on underground water, amounts of water needed, monitoring of the operations and safeguards on containers used for highway transportation.

Rollins officials said drilling shows there is 100 feet between the land surface and the first water at one possible location, with layers of soil and clay in between; 250 acre feet of water would be needed for the operation; monitoring requirements are set by state law; and highway containers are frequently inspected.

Officials said it would be expected that three rail cars and two to five highway vehicles would arrive daily at the site.

Rollins hasn't yet filed an official application for the facility, pending further investigation.