The folks in Lake Wobegon must be wondering what in the world has gotten into that boy. Garrison Keillor has taken to the city.

"A Prairie Home Companion," the most popular show on public radio, is coming back, temporarily. But the endless cornfields are shadowed by skyscrapers, and all those Norwegian bachelor farmers are rubbing elbows with the homeless.One year after it ended its 13-year run, Keillor's uniquely personal show will be broadcast next Saturday from New York's Radio City Music Hall, miles and worlds apart from its former home in Minnesota.

And while the new show finds Keillor still fantasizing about Lake Wobegon, the little town that time forgot, it reflects his fascination with his new home, New York City.

"New York is the strangest city I've ever seen," he said, conceding, though, "I like New York a lot."