The Clearfield Planning Commission is drafting a mobile-home ordinance in an attempt to make mobile-home parks more aesthetically pleasing and safer.

City Planner Doug Wheelwright said the commission will consider the ordinance at its next meeting June 15. If adopted, the ordinance will then go before the City Council and public meetings will be set.Wheelwright said there are two parts to the ordinance. First, new owners of mobile homes would be required to place concrete skirting around their homes. Currently, owners put wood, plastic or steel around their homes.

Second, all owners would be required to tie their homes down with cable to prevent damage if an earthquake hits the area.

Installing anchors for cables would cost about $500 per home, and Wheelwright said the owner would have up to seven years to install the cables.

The city planner said the purpose of placing concrete skirting around the homes is "strictly for appearance" because other types of skirting can make mobile homes look "ratty."

Wheelwright said the purpose of installing cables to homes is strictly for safety reasons.

"In an earthquake, mobile homes can be knocked off the foundation and people could get hurt," he said.