Two donations of $25,000 have been given to the nursing program at Utah Valley Community College to establish a Nursing Scholarship Endowment.

C.T. Greer, retired board chairman for a railroad union medical association, recently made the second donation of $25,000 to Lucille Stoddard, then-acting president of the college.Greer had been a locomotive engineer for the Southern Pacific Railroad for 40 years when he was elected to be a union official. Afterwards, the union membership selected him to be chairman of the board for the medical union program.

"The generous gifts made by the organization represented by Mr. Greer and others will enable students to reach their educational and career goals," said Karin Swendsen, director of the practical nursing program.

She said the scholarships will be awarded according to criteria established by a standing committee and representatives from private organizations.

"The nursing program is a rigorous one-year program that makes it difficult for students on a limited income to work while attending school," Swendsen said. "The interest generated by the Nursing Endowment makes it possible to award a few scholarships to qualified nursing students who otherwise may find it difficult or even impossible to remain in school."