The reliance of the Aquabats, a southern California ska act, on theatrics isn't too surprising given the show-biz background of two of its members.

Christian and Parker Jacobs were two of the four child actors in the Jacobs family (including older sister Rachel and a younger brother, Tyler). During the early '80s, the four siblings starred in commercials, made-for-TV movies and other television projects."They were much in demand at the time. Other kids didn't get nearly as many auditions or land nearly as many roles," recalled Kimball Jacobs, their father, who now lives in Bountiful.

Of the four, Christian had arguably the most exposure, landing the role of Joey Stivic, the son of Gloria Stivic (Sally Struthers), in the CBS sitcom "Gloria" - a spinoff of "All in the Family" - during the 1982-83 television season.

During that decade, the Jacobs family rubbed elbows with Elizabeth Montgomery, Burgess Meredith and Ed Asner, and the children enjoyed friendships with other child actors.

"The kids played tennis with Johnny Whitaker - and Mr. T even took us to lunch," he said. "It was a great time."

But Jacobs said he never forced the children to act and admitted that not all the decisions he made regarding his children's television careers were completely sound. "Parker was offered roles in two different series, one with Ken Howard (the short-lived `It's Not Easy') and one with Gerald McRaney (`Simon & Simon'). Unfortunately, we chose the one with Ken Howard."

Eventually, the Jacobs children grew up, and the television projects dried up.

"It was fun while it lasted, but they can't remain children forever," Jacobs said.