Certain "Circus America" playpens, sold nationwide, pose the danger of crushing children's fingers and may present a smothering hazard if not used correctly, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said Thursday.

The soft, mesh-sided playpens sold for about $90. They can be identified by a self-adhesive label on the floorboard, stating "Art. 585, Circus America Ex."About 2,500 of the playpens have been sold since 1984. They were imported from Italy by C&T International, Inc., of Moonachie, N.J.

According to the Safety Commission, the design of these playpens presents the possibility of a child's fingers being crushed in the drop sides. Also, if the sides are left folded down, an infant could fall into the loose mesh and suffocate, the agency said.

No deaths or injuries have been reported involving Circus America playpens, but some have occurred involving other playpens of similar design, the commission said.

C&T is offering a free modification kit including a warning label explaining how to avoid the suffocation danger and plastic inserts to prevent the possibility of finger crushing. The kit also includes replacement plastic for the playpen, since the commission is concerned that the removable feet provided originally could pose a choking hazard.

Consumers can obtain the modification kits by calling C&T at 1-800-537-1922.

People needing more information or seeking to report a product hazard can contact the safety commission at 1-800-638-2772.