Vietnam veterans who oppose U.S. military support for the Contras came to the nation's capital Friday to promote their "Veterans Peace Convoy," which will transport humanitarian supplies to Nicaraguan children.

"I've seen my friends names on the wall and I don't want to see anymore," said Frank Dufner, 39, of Somerville, Mass., one of about a dozen veterans who gathered to see the names of Americans who died in the Southeast Asia war on the black granite panels of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.The veterans and their supporters later loaded the humanitarian aid - mostly food, medicine and toys - on trucks that will be driven by the veterans to Nicaragua for children.

The convoy is jointly sponsored by the Veterans Peace Convoy, and The Walk For World Peace, a Buddhist-led peace walk that will meet in New York for the U.N. Third Special Session on Disarmament.

The convoy departed from Washington for Charlottesville, Va., the first leg of a journey through the South and West on its way to Central America.