To the editor:

A former president of the Utah Medical Association who is now in private practice in Arizona, Dr. Robert G. Wilson, is quoted in our newspaper as having said, "I applaud the effort in assisting survival until we can see that man can survive on his own, but I believe that the National Institute of Health also realized that should a totally artificial heart be developed that would not be rejected, that would be a success, the downstream consequences of that would be more than even this nation could afford."Wilson is the same physician who, when he as still in Utah, called the FDA in the hope that he could persuade that agency to refuse permission to implant the artificial heart in humans. He spoke of the Medical Association without approval of its executive committee or board, and he tried to kill the efforts of the University of Utah and members of his association who had spent half their professional lifetime in creating an alternative for people now doomed to die.

Some physicians see the light only when they need an artificial heart themselves. We will have one ready, Dr. Wilson!

Willem J. Kolff, M.D., Ph.D.

Salt Lake City