Radio is an everchanging business. While the premiere of a ballyhooed talk radio station at AM-1230 has stalled pending the outcome of an Aug. 5 court hearing, two new stations hit the airwaves unheralded Monday, July 21.

The old KRKR ("K-Rock" at FM-107.9 and FM-92.1)) vanished from the dial and was replaced by two new stations - "Sunny 107" (KRKR, FM-107.9) and also KTKL (FM-92.1).Rock music disappeared and "Sunny 107" arrived with a classic and timeless music format, while FM-92.1, "Cool 92," has more of an oldies music format.

Trumper Communications (owner of KISN AM/FM and KUMT) has leased KRKR with an option to purchase it from Sundance Broadcasting Co.

"We're very excited to add KRKR to our group of stations," Patrick J. Reedy, vice president and general manager of Trumper, said. "This will strengthen our company's commitment to Salt Lake City."

Reedy said research shows that listeners ages 45-54 are currently underserved, and "Sunny" hopes to fill that void. The new format is not nostalgia or beautiful music - it's "timeless adult standards" like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald.

This kind of music is a switch to FM since previously it has only been found on the AM dial.

KRKR owner and operator Gary Waldron said he's pleased to align with a new broadcasting company, given the consolidation of radio in Salt Lake. He'll be the afternoon drive time personality.

Meanwhile, Simmons Family Radio (KSFI, KRSP, KQMB, KDYL) has taken control of FM-92.1 and has apparently transformed what was a former translator frequency for KRKR into an all-new, separate radio station. No other details are available.

- SPRING RATINGS - The Arbitron ratings for the spring book are out, and as expected KSFI (alias "FM-100") is No. 1. For the age 25-54 ratings, it has a 10.5 percent audience share.

While a host of stations posted increases in adult listener ratings, four stations dropped - KSOP, KALL, KBER and KBZN.

- Here are the Arbitron spring ratings, ages 25-54, Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight:

1. KSFI (10.5); 2. KRSP (6.8); 3. KISN-FM (6.5); 4. (tie) KSL and KODJ (6.0); 6. KUBL (5.4); 7. KBEE (5.1); 8. KUMT (4.8); 9. KKAT (4.2); 10. KENZ (4.0).

11. KSOP AM/FM (3.3); 12. (tie) KXRK and KALL (3.0); 14. KFNZ (2.9); 15. KQMB (2.5); 16. (tie) KURR and KBER (2.3); 18. (tie) KRKR and KZHT (2.0); 20. KBZN (1.8); 21. KDYL/KOVO (1.6); 22. KBKK (1.3); 23. KISN-FM (1.1); 24. KSVN (0.6); 25. KSRR (0.5); 26. (tie) KFAM and KCNR (0.4); 28. (tie) KTKK and KLO (0.3).

- ANOTHER KIS'N STATION - Weldon Whipple of Orem reports that some years ago he remembers hearing another "Kisn'n" radio station. He said it was KSNN, near Pocatello.

Today, those KSNN call letters belong to a Los Banos, Calif., station south of Modesto.

- TEN YEARS AGO - Randy Lundquist, KCPX afternoon host, wins a "Silver Microphone" for production of a radio commercial.

- RADIO HAPPENINGS - It was another day for tales of "men gone mad" Monday on KISN-FM, with "Fisher, Todd and Erin" . . . Jimmy Chunga on KENZ had another round of "Answering Machines" Monday, trying to find the most unusual messages . . . Tom Barberi on KALL Monday talked about a new twist from Britain on the death of big band leader Glen Miller . . .

"Mick and Allen" on KURR got some dates for a listener, Chad, Monday. The DJs also talked about Cache County crop circles and tried to find a sample of some of the circle grasses a listener sent them . . . "Kerry, Bill and Gina" on KXRK Monday asked listeners another "X-poll" question, this one on if its OK for their spouses to read magazines containing nude photographs. On Wednesday, the DJs also lamented all the road construction . . .

"The Wakeup Club" on KBEE Monday was looking for another "Office of the day" winner for Salt Lake Buzz tickets. The station also has a car giveaway contest under way . . . KKAT gave away VIP parade passes this week, plus rodeo tickets . . . "Cano and Bull Crew" on KUBL played another game of "Radio Jeopardy" Wednesday.