To the editor:

Kent Klein's May 20 letter attacking the Humane Society of Utah contains both distortions and omissions. For example, regardless of what other national animal groups may be doing, the Humane Society of Utah has never attempted to limit either humane hunting or fishing practices. A copy of our policies, verifying this, is available at the shelter upon request.Mr. Klein neglects to mention that he is an active leader in the Utah Trappers Association, which is always attempting to arouse the ire of hunters and fishermen against the Humane Society.

This is because the Trappers Association is upset over the Society's efforts which helped enact a Salt Lake City ordinance prohibiting trapping within the city boundaries, as well as our petitions to the Utah legislature to eliminate the steel-jaw trap in this state. Mr. Klein's concern for a hunter's "favorite hunting dog" seems misplaced, since the Trappers Association places traps in areas which directly endanger all living creatures, including domestic pets and people.

So remember that the donation Mr. Klein suggests you not give to the Humane Society of Utah not only helps us to care for thousands of dogs and cats each year, but also assists us in fighting the use of the barbaric steel-jaw trap and the inhumane exploitation of animals for monetary gain.

Craig S. Cook

President, Board of Directors

Humane Society