Three Utah murderers under age 18 have remained in the Juvenile Court system, and at least five others have been tried and convicted as adults. Three others have been certified to stand trial as adults.

Here are short histories of those tried as adults:- Kendall Northern was 17 when he participated in the 1980 New Year's Day robbery and shooting of a taxi driver. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder charges and was sentenced to two consecutive five-to-life sentences. On Oct. 9, 1988, he broke out of the Duchesne County Jail and was recently captured in Canada (see story on B1).

- Nicholas Alan Clatterbuck was 15 in 1984 when he killed his foster parents with a .22-caliber gun. His also stabbed his foster mother. He pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and is in the Utah State Prison, where he was recently named the outstanding student of the year at high school graduation ceremonies there.

- Venus Ann Sherard was the youngest female in Utah history tried as an adult for murder. She was 16 when she stabbed a 23-year-old woman at a party in March of 1987. Last February she was convicted of second-degree murder and received a five years-to-life sentence.

- Marc Schreuder was convicted of second-degree murder in 1982 and sentenced to a five-to-life term, which he is still serving. Schreuder was 17 in 1978 when he killed his grandfather on orders from his mother, who was convicted of first-degree murder.

-John Pender Miller Jr. pleaded guilty in 1981 to first-degree murder in the strangulation death and sexual abuse of a 2-year-old Clinton girl. Miller, who was 15 at the time of the crime in 1980, was sentenced to life in prison, where he remains.

The cases of at least three others are now in the courts:

- John Mathew Denter and Wilfred A. Vigil have been certified as adults and charged with second-degree murder in the May 21 shooting death of a West Valley man on State Street. Both were 17 at the time of the crime.

- Roger Dale Strunk, 16, is charged with first-degree murder, child kidnapping and aggravated child sexual abuse in connection with the death of 6-year-old Veronica Fitzen in Vernal Aug. 1, 1988. Strunk has appealed the order to try him as an adult.