Alvaro Roldan-Perez ran a red light - and found himself facing possible deportation from the United States.

And that may be the least of his problems.Police said they stopped his red rental Pontiac Grand Am Wednesday and spotted a box in the back seat. Roldan-Perez said it had money in it, and sure enough when the officer opened it, there was $299,000.

Then they looked in his trunk and found more money. A trip to Roldan-Perez' apartment yielded even more cash. It all totaled $851,384, but the 28-year-old Colombian said he didn't know where it came from.

"So far, he's not claiming ownership of the money," police spokesman Tom Hoolahan said.

Police also discovered that Roldan-Perez is apparently an illegal alien from Colombia - either that or he lost his alien residency card.

Officials at the Immigration and Naturalization Service say they will deport him if he can't prove he is in this country legally.

Meanwhile, since Roldan-Perez isn't claiming all that money, police are now in possession of it.

Hoolahan said they will hold it until someone claims it and explains why it has drug residue all over it.