A woman who left her day-old daughter at an Emmett hospital hours after delivering her might not get her baby back, Emmett police say.

A woman who checked in under the name Kathryn Mathews, 39, into Walter Knox Memorial Hospital at 10:45 p.m., Friday gave birth 30 minutes later, said Emmett Police Chief Gary Scheihing.At 9 a.m. Saturday, the woman told doctors she wanted to go home and get some clothes. By Saturday afternoon, she had not returned, and police began searching for her.

The woman, who has other children, was identified by descriptions broadcast by television stations, Scheihing said.

"Within 15 minutes after they broadcast the description, we had people calling us," he said. "From the information people called to me, we were able to put together where she was."

Emmett detectives found the woman at her house between Caldwell and Middleton later that night. Her name is different from the one given at the hospital.

No charges had been filed late Sunday. Scheihing said he understood a charge of child abandonment could not be filed until a child had been left by parents for 48 hours.

But Scheihing said his department was taking steps to see she does not reclaim the baby girl.