Three of the original members of the United Way's 30-year-old loaned executive program were among former program volunteers who gathered to form an alumni association.

O. Rhees Ririe, John McGurk and Jack Deardorff were members of the first group of executives loaned by their employers at full salary for several weeks in the fall of 1958 to assist with the annual fund-raising drive.Ririe said the alumni association was formed to keep loaned executives active in other United Way volunteer programs.

Recently retired from Key Bank, formerly Commercial Security Bank, Ririe has continued serving the United Way. He became the organization's board chairman in 1980.

"Loaned executives go to the agencies, see the needs in the community and learn how hard it is to raise the dollars," Ririe said. "We've decided to better utilize this tremendous resource."

Since his first stint in 1958, McGurk returned to serve as a loaned executive six more times. McGurk is retired from Unisys, formerly Sperry Corp., but his company paid a stipend and expenses for him to return last fall.

Deardorff, now retired from Utah Power & Light, has also continued to support the United Way since his introduction to the organization in 1958.

The 1988 Loaned Executive chairman is Lark Allen, an IBM branch manager. Allen is seeking loaned executives for this fall's United Way fund drive.

Past participants in the loaned executive program were invited to an organizational meeting at the Little America Hotel on May 25. Because records of participants in the program from 1959 through 1967 were lost, anyone not contacted about the meeting is asked to call the United Way office.