A teen-ager who left her young sons alone for three hot days was ordered to practice birth control for the rest of her child-bearing years by a judge who rebuked her as a "child having children."

Other terms of a lifetime probation given to Debra Ann Forster prohibit her from seeing the two boys as well as a daughter she later bore. She must also provide weekly reports to the probation office on her birth control use.Forster, 18, pleaded guilty in April to two counts of felony child abuse for leaving her two sons alone in an apartment, without food or water, for three days last May. She could have received 30 years in prison.

The boys, William and Scott, respectively 18 months- and 6 months-old at the time, were hospitalized eight days for malnutrition, lesions caused by a rash and dehydration. Scott was close to death from dehydration when he was found, the police said. Both have since recovered.

Temperatures for the three-day period ranged from 100 during the day to 73 at night.

The children were found by Ms. Forster's estranged husband, Bill, who called police. Authorities removed the children from the house and Ms. Forster was arrested hours later when she showed up at the Mesa Police Department.