The Murray Board of Education was presented Tuesday night a nearly $20 million tentative budget for 1988-89 that basically repeats this year's budget.

With no increase in taxes or the weighted pupil unit, the budget will remain constant, but no shortfalls or program cuts, like those projected for nearby Jordan School District, are foreseen."We're going to operate our family this year like we did last year, if you could compare it to a family budget. It would be like saying Dad didn't get a raise, so the family has to live off the same amount of money," said Superintendent Ronald Stephens.

Actually, the proposed budget for next year should be slightly less than the adjusted version of the 1987-88 budget. For this year, the district's total budget was $20,156,079, while next year's is estimated at $19,699,724.

Stephens said the difference is due to a decline in capital expenditures. This year the district budgeted for the demolition of the old section of the Liberty Elementary School, which was built at the turn of the century, and the construction of a new wing on Liberty's 25-year-old structure. The old school is scheduled to be demolished in June.

Among the new budget's estimated expenditures are $9,597,051 for instruction, $406,292 for student support services, $1,216,668 for instructional staff support services, $312,116 for district general administration, $928,621 for school administration, $1,755,281 for operation and maintenance services, $164,398 for transportation and $866,806 for the school lunch fund.

The superintendent also said the district's 6,000 enrollment should stay the same, with only a projected increase of 25 to 30 students.

The tentative budget will go to public hearing at 7 p.m. June 8. Stephens said his staff has explained the budget to PTA groups and patrons are welcome to examine it in the district offices.