The city of Orem is giving Provo a neighborly helping hand with an idea Provo officials have been trying for some time to sell to Utah County cities - a countywide garbage dump.

Orem officials have written the mayors of 11 cities in northern Utah County urging their cities to form a united effort to solve garbage dumping problems all of the communities will face in the near future.Meanwhile, Provo is ready to begin building a new dump of its own near Elberta and has invited other Utah County cities to help pay for development of that landfill in exchange for dumping rights.

Provo officials say countywide cooperation in developing its landfill site is the best way for all cities to solve their inevitable garbage dump problems.

Orem isn't ready to go quite that far. But Orem officials are encouraging all member cities of the North County Landfill District, for which Orem acts as trustee, to consider joining the Provo project.