The Utah Botanical Center has received a green "thumbs up" to move from Farmington to its new location near the ponds along I-15.

The new 100-acre site is larger than the current location, southeast of Cherry Hill along U.S. 89.Newly appointed project director David Anderson said plans are under way to prepare a place at the Kaysville site where plants from the Farmington garden can be transplanted this year.

"It is critical this year that we relocate the plants in the collection that can be moved, because UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation) will begin construction of the new interchange at the Farmington garden in the fall of 1998," Anderson said.

"We won't be losing programs that have gone on at the Farmington garden. We will offer an even greater variety of activities and features at the new, larger site."

Fortunately, the Utah Botanical Center found friends among state legislators who appropriated $250,000 to help move plants to their new home in Kaysville. Anderson said more friends of the center are offering to help.

In conjunction with the 150th anniversary of the Mormon pioneers' entry into the Salt Lake Valley, all congregations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been asked to donate 150 hours of community service. Anderson said several LDS Church wards in Davis County and some USU student wards have already called to offer help at the Botanical Center.

As "Take Pride in Utah Day," July 19, approaches, he expects more people will turn out to help.

Once the move is completed and the gardens are in place, Utah residents, particularly those living in Davis County, will have good reason to take pride, Anderson said.