The federal government's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed suits accusing a Salt Lake company of sexually harassing employees and claiming that another Salt Lake business made offensive racial remarks against a black employee.

The sexual harassment suit was filed against Metro Oil Products Inc., 2021 N. Redwood Road.

The suit says employees Raelynn McCourt and Linda Campbell "were subjected to such intolerable working conditions due to the sexual harassment that they were forced to resign."

It says that since at least Feb. 3, 1984, the company has engaged in sexual harassment, and this type of violation is continuing. The two named employees and others adversely affected should get back pay and interest, says the suit, filed by the Phoenix office of the EEOC.

The race discrimination suit was filed against Petroleum Research Corp., based in Las Vegas, which has an office in Salt Lake City. The civil rights suit says Harold W. Jones was harassed and fired because he is black.

"Mr. Jones and other employees were subjected to offensive and intimidating remarks based on race, sex and national origin," the suit says. Starting on Oct. 28, 1985, Petroleum Research Corp. discriminated against Jones "by harassing him, disciplining him and making intimidating and offensive racial remarks. . . . " The commission asked that Jones get back pay and other relief, including reinstatement.

Both suits request permanent injunctions against future discrimination by the companies involved.