The U.S. attorney for Utah filed suit Monday to recover defaulted student loans from a Park City lawyer who recently defended one of four polygamous clan members convicted of attempted murder of lawmen.

The civil suit against John Bruce Savage Jr., Heber City, claims he has failed to pay four guaranteed student loans totaling $1,800 from University of the Pacific, Stockton, Calif.When Savage "defaulted on the payment" of the loans made from Oct. 7, 1975, through April 5, 1976, the lawsuit said, the private school filed a claim to recover under insurance issued by the U.S. Education Office.

"Although continued demands for payment have been made, there is now due and owing" a total of $2,316.08, which includes 3 percent interest the loans carried, said the suit.

Savage represented Jonathan Swapp, the 19-year-old brother of admitted church bomber and polygamist Addam Swapp.

A federal court jury earlier this month convicted his client of second-degree attempted murder of FBI agents during a Jan. 28 shootout that ended a 13-day standoff with lawmen.