Do the hippity hoppity on your computer and you just may discover an Easter egg.

An Easter egg is a hidden message, graphic, event or sound effect that is triggered by an undocumented set of commands or keystrokes. Hit the mysterious sequence of keys and who knows what may happen - except the programmer who created the Easter egg. Easter eggs may be found in computer operating systems, software programs and even electronic devices like calculators.The Apple Newton apparently has dozens of Easter eggs, according to the Apple Easter Egg Web page ( Another good list is the Easter Egg Archive at (

Programmers drop Easter eggs into programs as a joke and for fun and glory. Some fun Easter eggs (I can only vouch for the first one):

- Start up the Netscape browser and hit the control and alt and f keys and you'll be blasted to The Amazing Fish Cam. (On a Macintosh computer hit control, option and f keys.)

- In Visual C++ 4.0, click help/about and then hold down the control key and double click on the center of the about dialog box. You'll supposedly see a globe imprinted with the program developers' faces.

- In Eudora Pro, go to the help/about menu and click the more credits button. When the scrolling starts, press the control key and the names will change.