Construction of a memorial on the State Capitol grounds to honor those killed in Vietnam, those still missing in action and the ones who survived received support Tuesday from the Board of Governors of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

Ted Livingston, chairman of the Vietnam Era Veterans Memorial Committee Inc., said the group has raised $60,000, but needs $231,500 to build the memorial on the west side of the Capitol on land donated by the state.Livingston said no taxpayer money is being used on the project. The memorial will be constructed in some trees and will feature a statue of a Vietnam soldier in combat and a polished black granite wall containing the names of 364 of those killed in action or still missing.

A clay model of the combat soldier has been completed. It will be cast in bronze later.

Groundbreaking for the memorial is scheduled July 4.

Lt. Gov. W. Val Oveson, honorary chairman of the committee, said a memorial to the Vietnam soldiers and veterans is a way of belatedly saying thanks to those who served. Contributions can be sent to the committee at P.O. Box 18366, Salt Lake City, UT 84118.