The Salt Lake City Council will hold a public hearing at 6 p.m. May 25 to discuss a controversial proposal to build a freeway interchange on North Temple.

The hearing will be in the Council Chambers, on the third floor of temporary City Hall, 324 S. State.Businesses on North Temple say the interchange will bring more customers to the street, now that the most direct route to the airport is via the new I-215 freeway. Residents have expressed strong opposition to the plan, saying neighborhood streets weren't planned as major collectors to downtown and can't handle the volume of traffic the new interchange will bring.

Council Chairman Tom Godfrey said the state makes the final decisions on the solutions to overcrowding on I-15, but the council considers transportation as a critical city issue.

Mayor Palmer DePaulis, who heads the I-15 steering committee for the regional group, has asked the city council to formalize its position on the North Temple interchange.

The council voted in January 1986 to support a light-rail transit system, and recommends immediate installation of the mass transit system along the I-15/State Street corridor to solve traffic problems in the central core of the city.