Leaders of a drive to form a new city in the unincorporated Bennion area have submitted a petition with about 1,500 signatures to the Salt Lake County elections clerk, officials said.

If the clerk certifies that about 1,000 of the signatures are from registered voters in the area, county commissioners will have to decide whether to call for an incorporation election. The petition was submitted Monday morning.But the drive comes only two months after voters defeated incorporation in Taylorsville-Bennion. Commissioner Mike Stewart has said the latest drive comes too soon after the last one. However, Commission Chairman Bart Barker, a resident of Bennion, said he had not decided how to vote.

The proposed city would border on West Jordan on the south, 40th West on the west, 54th South on the north and the North Jordan Canal on the east.

In an unrelated move, residents of part of the Bennion area recently asked Murray City to annex them.