Wallace Eckersley, brother of Oakland Athletics relief pitcher Dennis Eckersley, on Monday was sentenced to 48 years in prison for the kidnapping and attempted murder of a 60-year-old Colorado Springs woman.

Eckersley and co-defendant Daniel Immel were convicted of kidnapping Sigrid Marie Griswold from Acacia Park on June 4, 1987, then choking and beating her for nearly two hours as they drove south on Interstate 25.Griswold testified that Eckersley drove as Immel choked her. Eckersley, she said, also supplied the knife used to stab her and helped drag her into a field near Pueblo where she was left for dead.

Eckersley was sentenced to consecutive terms of 32 years for second-degree kidnapping and 16 years for second-degree attempted murder. Eckersley was also found guilty of aggravated robbery.