There's good news for patients and visitors to the University of Utah Hospital.

Construction of the hospital's 1,000-car parking terrace will be completed and the facility ready for use in early November.Dale R. Gunnell, associate administrator for financial services at the hospital, said the four-level structure, being built northwest of the hospital, includes 600 patient/visitor spaces and 400 slots for faculty and staff at the U. of U. Health Sciences Center.

The hospital will have a new entrance with a U-shaped drive leading into a courtyard-like area enhanced with fountains, shrubbery and trees. This mall, with some metered parking, will be the patient/visitor entry to the terrace. Health sciences staff will enter and exit on the structure's north side.

Gunnell said covered sidewalks will link the terrace to the hospital. Elevators, providing access to both the A level and the main floor of the hospital, are planned.

Cost of the new facility and entry - including the roadway, bus shelter and moving of utilities - is about $10 million, Gunnell said. Once the terrace is completed, the U.'s Health Sciences Center will have approximately 3,700 parking spaces available.

During construction, a staff parking area east of the hospital has been converted to patient/visitor parking.

"A shuttle bus provides service from this outlying lot to the front door of the hospital," he said. "Parking attendants, near the hospital entrance and also at the gate of the new lot, are available to help visitors and patients find available spaces."

Handicapped parking has not been affected by the construction and continues to be available near the hospital's main entrance.