Vandalism reports were still pouring in Monday after several hundred cars were damaged during a weekend vandalism spree in the Taylorsville-Bennion area and in West Jordan.

"We were shocked at the number of (reports) that came in," said Salt Lake County Sheriff Pete Hayward. "It looks as if somebody's gone up and down the entire west side of Salt Lake County."Dispatchers estimate the vandalism took place during the pre-dawn hours Sunday. More than 250 reports were filed with West Jordan police and the sheriff's department during the day. Hayward said more than 100 reports were filed Sunday evening, probably from people who had been out of town for the weekend or who hadn't noticed the damage earlier in the day.

West Jordan resident Karen Leeper said an officer rang the doorbell at 5 a.m. Sunday to inform her three windows had been shot out of her car, which was parked in front of her home. The car is covered only by liability insurance, so the insurance company will not help with repairs. "It's going to cost us $500 to fix it," she said.

Police dispatcher Mark Whetsel said damage was reported in several West Jordan subdivisions. A stack of at least 50 police reports overtopped the incoming report basket by midday Sunday, he said.

Hayward described the dollar amount of the damage as "tremendous" and said several detectives will be looking for leads. Anyone who might have seen the vandal or vandals is encouraged to call the sheriff's department, Hayward said.