Mayor Newell Daines says the city will build its own power line rather than continue negotiations to purchase the line Utah Power & Light Co. used to serve Utah State University before the city won the institution's power contract.

"Now the utility needs to remove the line, because we need the property it occupies," he said.Logan has been providing power to USU since April 18, using two temporary lines the city built at a cost of $38,000.

Daines said the city's final offer of $63,000 was turned down by the utility.

John Ward, UP&L spokesman, said, "We were trying to negotiate a lease-purchase agreement, because our company did not want to sell the line outright while other issues between the city and the utility are pending.

"The question of who has the right to serve the university is still before the state's Public Service Commission," he said.

Ward said the utility would resist any attempt by the city to force the removal of the power line, and, "if UP&L ever does remove the line, it will be at Logan's expense."

Ward said UP&L may serve USU again sometime in the future, and that is another reason the company wanted to lease the line rather than sell.

"The contract between Logan and USU allows either party to get out with one year's notice, and as UP&L rates continue to go down, the school may decide to switch back.

"Economic pressures could force all state-run institutions to seek the most economically feasible contracts for power and other services," he said.