The Utah Department of Health is asking parents to search their medicine cabinets for 1-ounce bottles of Humco brand ipecac syrup, Brite Life brand ipecac syrup and Brite Life iodides tincture (iodine).

All of the Humco ipecac and specific lots of the Brite Life products have been recalled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration because they have been mislabeled and may contain poisonous substances."These products should be returned to the point of purchase or thrown away," said Ross Martin, health department public information officer.

Ipecac is a common emetic, a substance used to induce vomiting, generally after the ingestion of certain toxic substances.

Bergen Brunswig Corp., Salt Lake City, has also notified area customers of the Class 1 recall of ipecac produced by Humco Labs.

Martin said some 400,000 1-ounce bottles of Humco Ipecac Syrup are believed to contain eucalyptus oil and as little as a teaspoon can be fatal. He warned families to especially look for these products:

-One-ounce amber bottles of Brite Life Ipecac Syrup, lot number 004715, expiration date 7-92;

-Brite Life Iodides Tincture, lot number 004713, expiration date 2-92.

They may contain, respectively, an iodine derivative or ipecac. In an emergency, iodine will not induce vomiting.

It is suspected that the tainted ipecac syrup was given to Mountain View Hospital health fair participants in Spanish Fork and Payson in 1987. Any person having received a free sample at the fair should read the label and dispose of the sample immediately.

It is also suspected that the tainted ipecac syrup was distributed in first-aid kits purchased from the hospital. Kits should be checked for the faulty ipecac syrup and call 465-9201, extension 180. The item will be replaced with the proper syrup upon presentation at the hospital.

For more information about the faulty products, contact Bergen Brunswig Corp. in Salt Lake City, telephone 972-4131, or, in Utah County, Mark Johnson, pharmacy director at Mountain View Hospital, 465-9210, extension 180.