Four Davis County residents have been recognized by the Region 3 PTA Council for outstanding volunteer work at schools.

They are Jerolyn Call, Centerville; Tammy Johnson, Kaysville; Nathan Griffith, Clearfield; and Donna Gardner, Bountiful..Call has been a volunteer doing most of the artwork for PTA projects and school fliers and bulletins at Centerville Elementary School. She has also taught a number of mini-art classes for students and has been involved with monitoring the Workshop Way program, listening to students read and correcting papers for teachers.

Johnson's volunteer work involved serving as the co-chairman of the computer program at Columbia Elementary School, which involves some 60 parents with computer skills. She has coordinated the training time and the use of computer discs. She also organized the school's summer reading program and provided an instruction sheet for each student. She is also a room representative for each of her three children now attending Columbia.

Griffith was cited because of his "unselfish, indispensable service for the children at Hill Field Elementary." A serviceman stationed at Hill Air Force Base, Griffith has arranged with his commander to leave work long enough each day to assist children from approximately 100 families living on base to cross a busy four-lane street. Because the highway is on base and the school is off base, it has been difficult to find money to pay for a crossing guard.

Griffith saw the need and has been present every day this school year to assist the children. On snowy days he has also been known to arrive early and clear sidewalks to provide additional safety for the children.

Gardner has worked in several capacities as a volunteer at Oak Hills Elementary. She has spent more than 700 hours this year working on a music- enrichment program and an Art Start program. Gardner has done extensive research on composers to use in the program and has also developed listening programs.

In addition to providing teachers with the learning materials she has also provide in-class volunteer hours to assist the children and teachers. Other schools in the district have expressed interest in the program.