Imagine, if you will, "Myst" meets "The X-Files." Enigma and intrigue, covert information and MIBs (men in black) where anything goes. Anything can lead to something. Or not. And it usually does. Or doesn't. Get it?

If you don't, you're not alone, but it's still fun trying to figure it out. Enter the multimedia brilliance of Drowned God: Conspiracy of the Ages. This three-disc, strategy cum adventure CD-ROM game from Inscape is not only clever and deep but also frustrating and difficult.Based on the premise that everything we thought to be human history is actually a lie, the game immerses you in a 40,000-year-old alien conspiracy that spans significant mysteries of humanity's existence.

The Ark of the Covenant? Roswell, N.M.? The Philadelphia Experiment? The Bermuda Triangle? The JFK assassination? The Holy Grail? Yep. And more. All play an intense and challenging part of this graphic adventure where the objective is, of course, to unravel the "true" origins of mankind.

After all, the truth is out there.

With more than 40 hours of gameplay, each mind-blowing, 3D-rendered scene is detailed, stunning and at times nebulous. Navigation is via mouse control and a few keystrokes. Ethereal sound effects and music, composed by the eclectic duo Miasma, add a fantastic aural aspect to the fascinating adventure game.

From Inscape at (1-800-510-1791) or at (, $49.95, ages 17 and older.

Green Eggs and Ham

Now for something completely different: Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, one of the interactive animated stories in the Living Books series.

Do you like Dr. Seuss? I do, I do.

I like him in my house. I like him with a computer mouse.

I like Sam I Am. I like the way his hand stretches from here to there.

He can't do that in a book. He can't do that no matter how hard you look.

But on a CD-ROM he can. Funny Sam. I like that Sam I Am. I do, I do.

I like him in my house. I like him with a computer mouse.

Kids will, too. They will make words with a fox in a box. They will match and read and spell. They will like it very well.

They will like to use a mouse. They will like to click a bunch inside your house.

They will like the words and birds and games and names and fun and sun and rain and train and Sam I Am.

They may even like green eggs and ham.

From Living Books, 800-776-4724 or on the Internet at ( For children ages 3-7. $30.