A midday "fireworks" display will be provided by Lake Bonneville Council Varsity Scouts on Independence Day.

Using signaling mirrors, about 20 youths will flash beams of light from Francis Peak above Farmington to Clearfield residents for 10 minutes beginning at noon.They will then signal to residents in Layton and Kaysville "and from 12:20 until 1 p.m. we'll take on the whole valley from North Ogden to North Salt Lake. Anyone who signals us, we'll answer back from Francis Peak. If you see our signals, you will know we saw you," said Glannin Cloward, Clearfield, media chairman for the event.

The first mirror signaling operation for Varsity Scouts was started by Cloward from Mount Timpanogos in 1964. The program, "Operation on Target," was begun by Douglas Brewer, Holladay, in 1979. Since then the program has expanded throughout the United States and Canada.

Robert E. Nelson, Layton, recently appointed chairman of the Lake Bonneville council's "Operation on Target" program, said boys have fun signaling from mountain tops but have decided that they should share the fun with people in the valleys below.

"Why should we hog all this fun and excitement when we could share it with everyone in the valleys as well as our friends on other mountain peaks? I'd like to do what we did from Mount Timpanogos in 1964. We then gave every citizen the opportunity to participate from their backyard, using any mirror, large or small," Nelson said.

Cloward, who always carried a signaling mirror with him as a B-25 pilot during World War II, said all mirrors send the same diverging cone of the sun's reflection, but a larger mirror will reflect a more brilliant ray of light.

"Position yourself so that you can see Francis Peak through a tree branch in direct line with the mountain peak. Holding the mirror with both hands, pick up the sun's reflection in your mirror and slowly tilt the mirror until the reflected beam shines through the tree in direct line to the mountain peak and you will be "on target." The mirror's diverging cone of light will cover the whole mountain 25 miles away," Cloward said.

On July 15 Varsity Scouts in the entire Lake Bonneville Council, which stretches to the Idaho border, will join for a signaling operation. And on July 24, Lake Bonneville Council Varsity Scouts hope to attract the attention of hundreds of Salt Lake Valley residents from mountain peaks along the Wasatch Range and Oquirrh Mountains. Great Salt Lake Council youths have been invited to join.