New York Yankees second baseman Willie Randolph says he has regular conferences with his kids, while actor-singer Kris Kristofferson modestly claims he only had the good taste to pick the right mothers.

Whatever their secrets, the two were among eight men honored Wednesday as 1988's outstanding fathers by the National Father's Day Committee.Randolph, who spends half the baseball season on the road, says he has to work at keeping communication lines open with his four children.

"We have conferences," Randolph said. "We dim the lights and just talk. You'd be amazed at the off-the-wall stuff. They can say whatever they want."

Kristofferson, with six children by three wives and three adopted Salvadoran orphans, said, "I had the good taste to select mothers who would raise them. All I've done is love them."

Other fathers honored were NBC White House correspondent Chris Wallace, FBI Director William Sessions, Fox Television sportscaster Bill Mazer, Tennis Hall of Famer Arthur Ashe, New York police officer Steven McDonald, who was left paralyzed in a shooting, and broadcast personality Larry King.