Trudi Bolinder, a Boise pilot, a legislative employee and three others were presumed killed in the crash of a small plane into a snow-covered mountain as they were trying to return home from McCall.

Bolinder, 63, a pilot for nine years, was flying back to Boise after picking up vacationers who were stranded in the resort town by flood-damaged roads. She was making the trip as a favor to a friend.Bolinder, mother of eight and grandmother of 22, was the wife of Robert Bolinder, a former top executive with Albertson's who is now executive vice president for Smith's grocery chain based in Salt Lake City.

"It was typical of her to jump right in to help," said her son, Clint Bolinder.

The plane went down Thursday afternoon during a snowstorm that forced several other small planes back to the McCall airport.

Efforts to recover the victims on Saturday were stifled by deep snow and the inaccessibility of the crash site on Cuddy Mountain, about 20 miles northwest of Council.

Passengers on the single-engine Cessna 210 reportedly included Susan Hansen, newly appointed sergeant at arms for the Idaho House of Representatives.

Authorities declined to release the names of the other three passengers.

Deep snows prevented rescuers, who spotted the aircraft from a helicopter, from reaching the wreckage after it was found Friday evening. Washington County sheriff's deputies reached the crash site on Saturday and found no survivors.

A snow cat likely would return to the scene on Sunday to retrieve the victims' remains, deputies said.