People magazine broke tradition by choosing Sean Connery, 59, as the sexiest man alive for 1989. Previous winners include Mel Gibson, Mark Harmon, Harry Hamlin and John Kennedy Jr., all considerably younger than Connery and with considerably more hair. "For once I'm speechless," Connery said. "It'll be all downhill from here." As for who he thinks is a sexy man, the former James Bond named Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who he praised as "a man's man" because of his "extraordinary combination of intelligence, baldness and serenity. Almost Buddha-like." The magazine also singled out Ken Wahl of "Wiseguy" as "the sexiest hunk in a leather jacket," John Goodman as the sexiest Teddy bear, Jeff Bridges as the sexiest second-generation actor, ABC's Peter Jennings as the sexiest anchorman, Michael Jordan as the sexiest athlete, Fine Young Cannibals singer Roland Gift as "sexiest rocker who isn't George Michael," Alec Baldwin as the sexiest Baldwin brother and Fred Savage as the sexiest man, minor category.