The Utah Jazz have been fined $1,000 over Coach Frank Layden's failure to open the team's lockerroom to reporters following the Jazz' 111-109 playoff loss to the Los Angeles Lakers Tuesday.

"Silence is golden," Layden said of the fine Thursday.Layden had said Wednesday about his decision to close the lockerroom, "I don't know if we can win this series. Probably not. But if we lose it, I weant to do it on the court, not on the bench. I was hot about having two games in a row with Mark Eaton on the bench," after fouling out.

Players and coaches are not required to talk to reporters, but the NBA does require that lockerrooms be opened to reporters within 10 minutes after a game.

"It's ironic that the officials aren't allowed to say aything and the press isn't upset at that," Layden said Thursday. "Why should there be a gag rule placed on them?"

Team President David Checketts said he had expected a larger fine and was pleased with the $1,000 penalty.