A handful of demonstrators gathered outside the Salt Lake Marriott Hotel Saturday, while a National Organization for Women conference was under way inside, to protest NOW's stand on abortion.

The placard-toting protesters paced in front of the hotel advertising such slogans as "Equal Rights for Unborn Women" and "NOW's Abortion Stance: The Ultimate Expression of Selfishness."Donna Milgaten, spokeswoman for the Salt Lake Christian Action Council, the organization sponsoring the protest, said her group objects to abortion, not only because of the taking of life, but also for the psychological problems it can create for women who have abortions.

Milgaten said one of NOW's goals is to increase abortion rights. "They've been one of the major forces behind promoting the killing of unborn women," she said.

Of the more than 22 million abortions performed since 1973, more than half of the fetuses were female, Milgaten said. She said she cannot figure out why the NOW organization is not concerned about the right of unborn females to remain alive.

Abortion was not on the agenda of the daylong NOW conference Saturday. NOW, however, does support a pro-choice stance toward abortion.

Pro-abortion people have produced a litany of euphemisms, Milgaten said. Aborted fetuses are called a blob of tissue by such people, she said.

SLCAC regularly protests outside the Women's Health Center, where 75 percent of abortions in the state are performed, Milgaten said. They hand out literature about abortion there and were doing the same in front of the hotel Saturday morning.

Many women are pressured into abortions by their husbands and fathers, she said. Women are generally glad to receive information about alternatives to abortion.

"We think it would be morally wrong for us not to be here offering these viewpoints," Milgaten said of the protest. "We want to be here letting the public know that we don't share (NOW's) viewpoint."

Another protester, Peggy Seegers, said she is frightened by the power NOW wields in Washington, D.C. "It looks like here's what the women of America feel," she said. "The NOW group speaks as if they are the voicepiece for all women."