Will they or won't they? Not even their scheduling secretaries know for sure.

City officials are hoping Republican presidential candidate George Bush and his Democratic competitors, Jesse Jackson and Michael Dukakis, will come to town to stump for votes in front of urban leaders at the U.S. Conference of Mayors.Mayor Palmer DePaulis will play host to his colleagues June 10 through 15. The conference is strategically timed one week after the California primary and one month before the Democratic National Party's nominating convention in Atlanta.

DePaulis said there is no word yet on whether the presidential candidates will come to Salt Lake City to woo mayoral support. A large contingent of candidates did turn up at the last convention in Nashville, however, and the timing of the Salt Lake gathering just four months before the election might be a good incentive for a Utah appearance.

DePaulis said the conference is an opportunity to show off Utah.