A man who wanted two men he met at a Salt Lake County bar to give him a tattoo early Thursday was robbed and beaten unconscious instead, according to a Salt Lake County sheriff's office report. Two Kamas men were subsequently arrested.

The victim met two men in a bar on Big Cottonwood Canyon Road. The men told him they knew how to apply tattoos, and he asked them if they could give him one. They agreed and took him to his home to get enough money to pay for the service.The trio then left and, while driving along I-215 near 1850 East, one of the men said he had get out of the car momentarily. About 1:30 a.m. the driver stopped the car, and his companion grabbed the victim by the hair and pulled him out of the car. The men then struck him and left him unconscious along the roadside. When he regained consciousness, he found $60 missing from his wallet, the report said.

Two men, both from Kamas, were arrested and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail in connection with the incident.