Registering seventh- and eighth-grade students will be much more expensive in the Davis School District this fall.

The district will follow a new state law that allows school districts to charge fees beginning with the seventh grade. Ninth-grade students may see their fees drop slightly.A new fee schedule for junior high school students, approved by the board of education, will charge all students a $20 textbook rental fee and a $5 activity fee. Previously only ninth-graders paid these fees, and the cost for books was $7 higher.

Also, schools with an annual picture book will be allowed to charge $5, $1 more than this year. Class schedule changes not deemed to be administrative will remain at $5, and the $1 locker rental fee is also unchanged.

Students in the band and orchestra programs who rent school-owned instruments will pay a $20 non-refundable fee. In the past, only ninth-grade students paid this fee, and $10 was refundable. Officials eliminated the refund because it seemed to offer little incentive for better care of the instruments.

Junior high cheerleaders will be limited to a maximum of $150 for uniform and activity costs, and student officer sweaters can't exceed $75. Both fees are unchanged.

In addition, schools will be required to develop guidelines to minimize student campaign costs. The guidelines will not include a spending limit but will restrict the number of campaign signs and other activities.

The guidelines also specifically ban attendance at clinics as a requirement for participation in cheerleading, athletic and other activities. Such attendance will be voluntary.

The district does have a fee waiver policy for low-income families, but those qualifying can receive either a waiver or perform school services to offset the cost.

Assistant Superintendent Steve Ronnencamp said no student should be denied registration based on an inability to pay fees. He said those having problems should meet with the school principal.