KUTR radio (AM-860) signed off the air for good Wednesday night. The `Sounds Like Utah' LDS contemporary format station has been indefinitely replaced by a simulcast of sister station KLZX (classic rock, FM-93.3).

"We made a valiant effort with KUTR, but we took it off because of a lack of advertising support," Stuart Stanek, general manager for both radio stations said.Speculation is also rampant that the hefty six-figure salaries that former KRSP-FM "Dawn Patrol" team members Jon Carter and Dan Bammes will be paid by KLZX also contributed to KUTR's death. Stanek said the two events are unrelated and that KUTR just couldn't exist in its present financial state.

Stanek stressed that rumors hint that a Salt Lake FM station (not KLZX) may try to pick up at least some of KUTR's format and also that the general decline in AM radio was also a factor against KUTR.

In fact, another intermountain area station, KIGO-AM (St. Anthony, Idaho) went off the air two weeks ago.

KUTR's demise puts eight full-time and four part-time radio personnel out of work. Sunrise Communications started KUTR in July 1985, but sold it to Phoenix-based Citadel Communications in 1988.