High-profile politicians and military officials aren't the only ones hammering out the details of the Soviet inspectors' stay near the Hercules Inc. plant in Magna.

The Salt Lake County Library Board may also have a role in deciding what the Soviets are allowed to see and do while they're here - at least at the Magna Library.The question of whether the Soviet inspectors and their families should be allowed to use the facility was raised at a recent library board meeting by Library Director Eileen Longsworth.

The board didn't have an immediate answer but will have to come up with one when and if the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty is approved by the U.S. Senate and the inspectors arrive to make sure no more Pershing missiles are made at the plant.

Longsworth said she had been asked about Soviet access to the library by a Hercules employee, who wanted to know if there would be any restrictions against the Soviets using the Magna Library.

The library, currently being expanded, is already popular with Hercules employees and their families. Longsworth said she expects the Soviets will be interested in using it also.

But, she said, before library cards can be issued to the foreign visitors, the board should decide whether there are any materials in the library that they should not be allowed to see.