Rocky Ridge has become Juab County's newest community.

The County Commission approved the new town on Monday. The residents of the community preferred to have a mayor and two council members. However, commissioners determined they would need to appoint a mayor and four or five council members.Kent Allred, on recommendation of members of the petitioners, was selected to be a council member. Four others - Tom Bronson, Ronald Allred, Darrell Allred and Marvin Allred Jr. - were also appointed by commissioners to serve on the council. All were recommended by the community.

Marvin Allred will serve as mayor of the newly formed community.

"Marvin Allred will serve on the council if five council members are needed in order to meet state statues," said Young. If only four council members are needed, he said, then one of the proposed council members would not be appointed.

Kent Allred said the town council would begin to meet this week. "We have a meeting with our attorney to help us with determining which steps must be taken first."