Same old story. KSFI (alias "FM-100") is the most-listened-to Wasatch Front radio station, according to Arbitron rating estimates for the summer of 1996. The station garnered an 8.2 percent listening share to rank No. 1 for the all ages (12-plus) category, according to advance ratings. The big news is who is No. 2: KODJ ("Oldies 94.1 FM").

KODJ jumped from being No. 8 in last spring's age 12-plus ratings to the runner-up spot. It also improved its listening share from 5.2 percent of the audience to 6.7 percent.Is this a fluke in the ratings? KODJ officials don't think so.

"This is a radio station that has solidly met the need for oldies," said Bill Hurley, vice president and general manager of Regent Communications and owner of the station. "They've had a very good, consistent growth pattern."

Hurley said that the younger crowd may be catching onto oldies and that KODJ has brought this type of music to the forefront in Salt Lake.

He also credits the KODJ program director and morning host, Dickie Shannon, for his work.

"He's done a fantastic job," Hurley said.

KRSP (FM-103.5) is third again, KSL (AM-1160) is fourth and KISN-FM (97.1) improved to fifth place. KDYL also showed dramatic improvement.

Rock music stations are all down in these summer ratings and this, coupled with other big ranking changes, does make you wonder whether this isn't a "fluke" ratings book. If so, the winter ratings book may set things straight.

Here's a summary of the advance ratings (the age 18-28 and 24-54 categories were not yet available):

- Summer Arbitron ratings for ages 12-plus, Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight:

1. KSFI (8.2 percent); 2. KODJ (6.7); 3. KRSP (6.0); 4. KSL (5.7); 5. KISN-FM (5.3); 6. KUBL (5.1); 7. KSOP AM/FM (4.9); 8. (tie) KDYL and KBEE (4.8); 10. KKAT (4.5).

11. KBER (4.0); 12. KALL (3.9); 13. KUTQ (3.4); 14. (tie) KENZ and KZHT (3.2); 16. KXRK (3.1); 17. KBNZ (2.1); 18. KRGO (1.9); 19. KUMT 91.6); 20. (tie) KQMB and KFAM (1.4).

22. KISN-AM (1.3); 23. KLZX (1.2); 24. KLO (1.2); 25. KFNZ (1.0); 26. KBKK (0.9); 27. (tie) KANN, KCNR, KSVN and KOVO (0.4)

- REGENT COMMUNICATIONS ended up selling out to Jacor Communications after all several weeks ago. The possibility of such a sale was reported here Sept. 6 and then retracted as a myth a week later in another Deseret News story.

Although it apparently didn't look like the sale would happen back in September, it occurred - about six weeks after the rumors - pending FCC approval. It means KKAT, KALL, KODJ, KZHT and KUTQ have new owners.

Stations KBKK and KRKR also have a new managing company, since they are operated by Regent through a joint sales agreement.

It all goes to show that in the topsy-turvy world of radio, even myths can become reality given enough time.

Bill Hurley, vice president and general manager of Regent's Salt Lake operations, said the Cincinnati, Ohio, company has purchased all of Regent's stations - approximately 20 in five different U.S. markets - making it the nation's third-largest radio company with a total of 96 stations.

"We're all very upbeat," Hurley said of his S.L. employees after the sale. "It will be a very good thing . . . We are all very excited."

Hurley said although Jacor is a very aggressive company, it is also very people-oriented and no changes in personnel are expected.

Some radio magazines listed the Regent purchase price at approximately $200 million.

- 10 YEARS AGO - KRSP (FM-103.5) is the No. 1 station among listeners ages 12-up, according to the latest Birch Ratings. DJs "Jon and Dan" ("Dawn Patrol") are the most-listened-to morning team, with 12.4 percent of the audience.

- RADIO HAPPENINGS - Rick Taylor and Clyde Lewis on the "Drive By" KCNR morning show compared themselves to the "Ren and Stimpy" characters Monday . . . "Mick and Allen" on KUTQ played another match game Monday . . . "Kidd Cassidy" on KKAT gave away more Utah Jazz tickets this week. On Monday, he made a prank phone call, telling a newlywed that his wedding photographs had been ruined. The DJ also gave away George Strait and limo ride tickets this week . . .

KISN-AM will air the Idaho and Utah State football game on Saturday, Oct. 26, at 1:30 p.m. The station will also broadcast the Carolina at Philadelphia NFL game on Sunday, Oct. 27, at 10:45 a.m. and the Dallas at Miami game at 2 p.m. . . . "Jon and Dan" on KUBL sang the "Rawhide" song Monday with General Gridlock. They also qualified more listeners for their concert ticket drawing . . .

KQMB has a big contest underway, with $102,000 in cash to be given away to lucky listeners . . . "Dain and Peggy" on KSFI Monday talked about all the important mathematical milestones coming up and qualified four people for their Hawaii trip drawings . . . "Dixieland Delight' by Alabama was the country song of the day for `Country Joe" on KSOP Monday . . . Dickie Shannon on KODJ gave away Windows 95 programs and Lagoon Frightmares family passes and continued to qualify listeners for an upcoming Hawaii trip drawing this week . . .

"The Wakeup Club" on KBEE asked listeners Monday about things they save religiously. On Tuesday, the DJs awarded Lagoon "Frightmares" tickets to the winner of their "Triple Challenge" quiz. Leeza Gibbons also had another entertainment report at 7:15 a.m. . . . Jimmy Chunga on KENZ plays at least three songs in a row each morning. On Monday, the DJ gave away Grizzly tickets and T-shirts. On Wednesday he talked about actress Meg Ryan and did his own spoof based on her picky behavior . . .

"Fisher, Todd and Erin" on KISN-FM heard deer hunt tales from listeners Monday in hopes of finding the true "Elmer Fudd." On Tuesday, the DJs announced a clue contest to find a hidden cellular telephone. The men won "Battle of the Sexes" Tuesday to movie within six games of the women . . . "Charlee and Brian" on KBER accepted true confessions from listeners Monday. On Tuesday, they had a listener talent day and gave away $101 in cash each hour . . .

Saturday, Oct. 26 is "Boo at the Zoo," for Hogle Zoo and KUMT. The event is designed for childrenm and admission discount coupons are available at Little Caesars Pizza outlets . . . "Kerry, Bill and Gina" on KXRK Monday had a special ski quiz. The DJs got a review of the movie "Killer Rabbit 3" on Tuesday . . . Tom Barberi on KALL Tuesday discussed the newspaper insert by Ed Alter, state treasurer . . .

KUSU, a National Public Radio station, reports it will not air the "Return of the Jedi" NPR series. That leaves just KUER broadcasting the series, redone for radio.