A Murray aircraft mechanic has filed a $3 million lawsuit arising from the explosion of an aircraft's wheel assembly he was working on four years ago.

The suit was filed in U.S. District Court of Utah by David A. Hands, 4933 S. Eastlake Dr., against Lockheed Corp., B.F. Goodrich Co., National Cylinder Gas Co., Jet Services Enterprises Inc., Fort Wayne Avionics Inc., Air Center Inc., Consolidated Airways, Andover Financial Corp., Dayton Leasing and Charles Leissle, a Connecticut resident.The suit says that on March 19, 1984, Hands, working as a mechanic for Key Airlines, was injured when a nose wheel assembly on a Lockheed Jetstar exploded while the attached tire was being filled with nitrogen. Defendants range from the manufacturer of the plane, Lockheed, to the manufacturer of valves and regulators of the nitrogen container, the Cylinder Gas Co.

Because of the defective condition of the wheel and attaching devices as well as negligence by Lockheed, "plaintiff suffered severe injuries to his hands and arms with partial amputation," the suit says. His ability to work in any profession has been substantially damaged, and he will have medical expenses for the rest of his life, the suit says.

Other defendants are accused of contributing to the accident by means of things such as defective equipment.