The Utah Department of Health's Safe Drinking Water Committee has approved loans of more than $150,000 to Washington, Washington County, and the Summit Park Special Improvement District to help pay for drinking water systems.

The committee also conceptually agreed to lend Pleasant View, Weber County, the money necessary to purchase a culinary water system for the city from the Pleasant View Water Co.The money lent by the committee is from a revolving loan fund established by the Legislature in 1983 with a $10 million appropriation.

Health department spokesman Ross Martin said drinking water systems qualify for the loans by meeting specific criteria that rank them on a priority list based on need.

Washington City will receive $90,000 to cover unexpected additional costs on its current drinking water project. In addition to $300,000 lent last year for a new reservoir, wells and piping, the new loan will help pay for problems associated with drilling in unstable soils, price increases for construction materials, and the purchase of a higher capacity pump.