A Utah County woman appeared on national television Tuesday morning with another woman representing the family members and friends of the 2,400 U.S. sevicemen still listed as missing in action from the Vietnam War.

Cathy Caras of Benjamin appeared on the news show "CBS This Morning," which this week is highlighting the events, issues and lifestyles of the 1960s.Caras is the widow of Air Force Col. Franklin A. Caras, a fighter pilot who was shot down over North Vietnam 21 years ago and listed as missing in action until his remains were recovered, identified, returned and buried in the Benjamin City Cemetery earlier this year.

Appearing with Caras was Sue Scott, whose brother is still missing after being shot down nearly 20 years ago. The two were interviewed in a five-minute studio segment by program co-host Harry Smith. Other features on Tuesday's show included commentary on the impact of the Beatles and interviews with former black activist Rapp Brown and folk singer Judy Collins.

In opening the interview, Smith labeled the Vietnam War as "a part of our past" that continues to afflict loved ones of the several thousand men still listed as MIA.

Saying that she is at "complete peace" now with the resolution of her husband's circumstance, Caras recalled the years of constant worrying if her husband was still alive and possible suffering as a prisoner of war. "You are helpless - you can't get over that worry."

The returned remains included many fractured bones, which probably mean that her husband died instantaneously upon impact.

Both Caras and Scott said they believe Viet-era Americans are still alive and being held prisoner in Southeast Asia.

Asked if they have been satisfied with government assistance in trying to resolve the MIA issue, the two wom-en agreed the issue has been given high priority by the Reagan administration. However, previous administrations haven't showed as much attention, and "we didn't want that issue forgotten," Caras said.