First it was the sheath, then the pearls. Now it's the Jackie Doll. We're talking, of course, about the late and ever-so-stylish Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who has inspired numerous retro fashions and a major sale of her memorabilia.

The Jackie Doll is a 35-inch porcelain-looking vinyl collectible created by the Italian sculptor Bruno Rossellini and manufactured in California by the Great American Doll Co.Don't even think about finding it next to the $11.99 Barbies at the toy store, as this doll is priced at $495. A numbered copy of the original Rossellini doll, she comes dressed in an embroidered batiste dress with a mini version of Jackie's coral bead necklace that sold at Sotheby's auction in April, with a 'do designed by Cristophe of Beverly Hills (yep, the same stylist who did President Clinton's hair). For an additional $195, you can get your doll dressed in Jackie's famous pink coat and pill box hat. To order, call 1-800-847-3655.

- Barbara De Witt